Saskatchewan Welcomes Completion of Line 3 Replacement Project

The Government of Saskatchewan welcomes the news of the completion of the Enbridge Line 3 replacement pipeline, which stretches from Alberta, through Saskatchewan and Manitoba, to Wisconsin.

Two New Apps Launched To Support Proof Of COVID-19 Vaccination

To support Saskatchewan's mandatory proof of vaccination requirements, businesses or organizations may now choose to download and use a free app that will read QR codes presented by customers - SK Vax Verifier. This app can scan the QR code on citizens' COVID-19 vaccination certificates and determine if a person is fully vaccinated or not. 

Test to Protect - Expansion of COVID-19 Self-Testing

Rapid antigen self-tests are a simple and effective tool to identify COVID-19 cases and halt the chain of transmission. Saskatchewan is developing plans to expand the public distribution of self-tests for personal use to accelerate the detection of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in the province, preserving provincial laboratory PCR testing for symptomatic and confirmation testing.